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People always find something to complain about when Nike updates an old silhouette. There’s something about changing something that is an established classic (for instance the Air Max 1), that annoys a lot of people. With this update however I believe Nike has hit the nail on the head. Read More


This year I saw the greatest Wimbledon final I saw in my lifetime. I’m a big fan of Wimbledon and a bigger fan of Roger Federer needless to say Roddick (my second favourite player funnily enough) made this an extremely tense match for me. It had me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Just a brilliant end to a great tournament.

Damn all star weekend was crazy. First Nate Robinson dunks it over Dwight Howard (well not really but those kryptonite foam lites were the illness dun) then Kobe does an amazing dunk past Lebron off a CP3 assist. Not only that Shaq does that crazy give and go through Dwight Howards legs. Dayum it was just action packed. I’m glad Kobe and Shaq won joint MVP was well deserved, not so sure about Nate winning that dunk contest but it’s what ever because those jawnts were Kryptonite. Anyways for those who missed the action I’m going to hit ya’ll with the highlights and for those who saw it live, relive it because it was great. Read More

Superbowl 2009 Highlights
Okay I’m mad late with this one but that’s because I decided I should take a break yesterday. Any who as it’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year I thought it’d be cool if I did a Superbowl post. I’m pretty happy with the results. Steelers are always a good team and it’s nice to see them win another trophy. Other than that I don’t have much to say enjoy the highlights. Read More

No not the beef, the baller. You know Kobe Bryant, well basically he has a new shoe he is endorsing out. I admire this guy a lot because he really has passion for what he does and is great at it. He gets a lot of hate for his character and personality but I believe that’s BS because if you ever watch this guy you can tell he is a decent dude with a good sense of humor. You got to have one of them to do all the stuff Nike makes him do.