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I think we can all agree Lupe is a very talented artist. Musically that is and it has a lot to do with his personality and how he conducts himself. He opened the door for a lot of rappers coming out with similar styles as him. Read More


I’m a bit late with this but I was being lazy when I first saw it. For those who don’t know this is a song from Japanese Cartoon a band affiliated with Lupe Fiasco. But that’s where the relations end Lupe has nothing more to do with this band >_>.

So yeah Lupe announced that his first disc “Everywhere” from the E.N.D series won’t be dropping in June (hence the title). However he did say he will be releasing an album this summer titled “The Great American Rap Album”. Eh cool name the Japanese Cartoon album will also be dropping and he said some other stuff which you can read for yourself but yeah this is disappointing. Read More

Man Lupe keeps killing them. Figures, he did go by Lupe the killer for all those years. If you want to know what I’m going on about it’s the new Trilly and Truly jackets, (which is Lupe’s brand) that might have been given away in the title however. So back to the jacket, all the detailing on it is perfect. From the lightning cuffs to the blinged out “T”, this jacket goes hard. It comes in two colours you can either go with the classic maroon or go Rambo with Camo. You can purchase it choice is yours but at 230,000 Yen like the design the price be killin it. Read More

So I was planning on doing a post on the brand “Swagger” since my dude put me up on it a while back. Out of randomness the conversation went like this :
Me – This brand is hot
Him – You know who rocks it ?
Me – Drizzy ???
Him – No, Lupe the Killer !!!
Okay I’m not saying this is a reason why everyone should love this brand, it’s just me providing evidence for the fact that Lupe is probably the most stylish emcee out there. But fuck the fanboyism, more to the point Lupe has a brand label of his own now. His label is called “Trilly & Truly” and they hooked up with the Japanese brand Swagger for a very dope collaboration on some jeans and jackets. Check it out !!! Read More