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So yes the Lakers did it and became the NBA champions, I wish it was a closer game but I don’t know whether Orlando didn’t think they were up to it or LA was just too good. Either props to Kobe, you worked hard for this and deserved it. Congratulations.


My initial response upon seeing this video was ” I wonder if Bron will find this funny ????”. I hope he does because this is hilarious, mean but funny. But Dez does make some great points, some hall Of famers never win rings. I really don’t see Lebron being one of them but if he’s patient and works harder every year there is no way anyone will be able to stop him from being part of an NBA championship team.

It’s playoff time and The Cavs have been undefeated up till now which may very well change tonight. Yeah so Nike has done a commercial with the newly crowned MVP King James and the player who was dethroned Kobe Bryant, it’s pretty funny. It plays on Bron’s flamboyance and excitement and Kobe’s laid back persona. Read More

No not the beef, the baller. You know Kobe Bryant, well basically he has a new shoe he is endorsing out. I admire this guy a lot because he really has passion for what he does and is great at it. He gets a lot of hate for his character and personality but I believe that’s BS because if you ever watch this guy you can tell he is a decent dude with a good sense of humor. You got to have one of them to do all the stuff Nike makes him do.