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In this post you can see a post where I mention how I don’t really like the new YSL Puma collaboration. Well colour makes a very big difference to me and when I saw these today I had second thoughts about my post. Still not my favourite YSL high top sneaker but I like it more than I did before in the white colourway.


Okay, every now and then I see a shoe which I just can’t find words for. This is one of those shoes, when I first saw it I thought to myself  “if Puma decide to make this it’ll be a very good looking shoe”. Little did I know, what I was looking at was the actual shoe. I could have sworn it was a drawing, but I’d be wrong. The Puma 917 mid factory is kind of a tribute shoe for the Porsche 917. Read More

A while back I did a post on Pumas collaborations. Well that wasn’t their only collaboration with LA sneaker heads UNDFTD. Word on the street is that the UNDFTD and Puma have collaborated on a very limited line and come up with these, the 24k’s. They will actually have a series of these jawnts dropping, the most limited of the bunch ( with only 72 kicks) will be dropping exclusively at UNDFTD stores. The rest will start off with 18 pairs at UNDFTD but will also be available at other retailers. The gold jawnts (most limited) will cost an arm and a leg most likely, but the rest will be a very reasonable $125.00. Dayum they’re hot !
Also I’m not sure but I think the one’s in the picture are actually covered in gold foil, pretty cool huh.