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It has been five years since who many believe to be the greatest to ever play the game, called it quits for good. Naturally he was first on the list to get inducted in to the hall of fame as soon as he was eligible and this will be remembered by basketball and Jordan fans as the year Michael Jeffrey Jordan became a hall of famer. Read More


So yes the Lakers did it and became the NBA champions, I wish it was a closer game but I don’t know whether Orlando didn’t think they were up to it or LA was just too good. Either props to Kobe, you worked hard for this and deserved it. Congratulations.

It’s playoff time and The Cavs have been undefeated up till now which may very well change tonight. Yeah so Nike has done a commercial with the newly crowned MVP King James and the player who was dethroned Kobe Bryant, it’s pretty funny. It plays on Bron’s flamboyance and excitement and Kobe’s laid back persona. Read More

So this was a very important episode of Stock Room. Your boy Maze gave us the break down of all the May release dates, which is a very important month in sneakers as that’s when all the Summer shoes drop. Not only that we got a look at the Air Jordan V “Raging Bull” pack (nicknamed the DeNiro’s by me). He gave us the reason to why the pack is in the colours it is in and how it relates to Michael himself.

This is very relieving for me, not because I thought it wouldn’t happen we all knew it was a matter of time but it’s nice to see the greatest player of all times name is finally in the hall of fame. It’s just a great moment in the history of sports. Well done Michael Jordan, your career truly does speak for itself. Read More