Monthly Archives: June 2009

Post has nothing to do with the film, which by the way is an example of sheer excellence. However it does have something to do with the city of lights because it was Paris fashion week a few days ago. You know the deal by now. Read More


So I’ve been hyped for this release because it is a pretty big sneaker release as it’s an iconic sneaker coming back in its original colourway, which happens to look absolutely dope. Highsnobiety has acknowledged this fact and have decided to help promote Wood Wood Berlin by making a trailer for the sneaker. Which is dropping tomorrow for those who care. 🙂

Black & Red is probably the most iconic Jordan brand colour. It’s the reason Michael got fined every game he played in his new shoes. Now a lot of Jordan fans have been quite vocal about how they feel about new J’s, some believe Jordan brand are just ruining all the classic colourways with the new hybrids. I personally think the best of the Jordan hybrids is the Spizike. The cement grey, black and red just makes these shoes look extra dope. If you can’t wait for the February 2010 release cop some at Osneaker now.