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DC comics has delved in to the fashion world and decided to a collaboration with Parisian style kingdom Colette. Various designers will be taking part in the collaboration to represent a different super hero. The bags shown in this post are the first from the collection and are done by Pierre Hardy. Julien David has also done pieces representing the most famous comic book hero of all time. Read More


I like it when Marvel does cartoon versions of their comic books. Until now all the ones I have seen (Doctor Stranger, Avengers 1 & 2) have been quite entertaining. Now marvel have decided to go east for some help and have enlisted the help of Japanese Anime studio Madhouse. Read More

So as a comic book fan this was a film I was looking forward to this film for quite a while. I may have even been heard saying “best film of 2009” upon watching the trailer. It finally came out today (for those who live under a rock) and I watched it. Basically I thought it was great, it stayed very¬† true to the comic book. It did have some aspects missing (the obvious one being tales of the black freighter but from what I hear we might get to see them) but overall it told The Watchmen story in a fantastic manner and what an epic story to hear. After all it was voted one of the hundred best books of all time ( yes books not comics,books). Read More