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I dunno what it is about this film maybe I relate it to my own teenage years and I know exactly what it feels like to be the professional slacker but eh I think it’ll be awesome.


Vodpod videos no longer available.
Some may disagree with the statement in the title but to me graffiti like any other form of expression is art. It’s good to see people who live for this art prosper doing what they love. AndrĂ© Saraiva has gone from a graffiti artist to a nightclub owner and now a vodka spokesman but hasn’t forgotten his roots. This post is just in appreciation of his work and achievements. Read More

Now most people would immediately assume that the only people interested in stamps are those folks who collect them, not with this one. Americas favourite family have hooked with USPS for their own stamp collection and they look cool. I think anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons can appreciate these stamps. Also if you’re more of the practical type, this is a great way to add that flare to a letter. Read More

As far as inventions go, you have to admit this is a dope one. The combination of two everyday objects combined to make another object is always nice. I wonder what it is better for, drumming or writing or is just mediocre at both. Either way it’s nice to know if you’re drumming and suddenly have an urge to sketch a masterpiece you won’t have to go looking for a pencil. It’s available as a set of 2 for $11.00, some of you may think that’s a bit pricey but you’re getting 4 things. Cop Here!