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Jay-Z featuring Kanye West & Rihanna – Run This Town.
Yes I’m a huge Jay fan and will at any given opportunity explain to you why he is the best to ever do it. He just knows how to build hype for an album and it has been key to his success. I have no doubt in my mind every one will love this jawnt and Blueprint 3 will fly off the shelves like every other Jay-Z album.


I think it’s time for a Drizzy update, well it doesn’t have to be but I’m doing one anyway. Basically Kanye has been working hard directing Drake’s new video. Other than that I read that Drake and Rihanna are a couple in the newspaper today, does that make it official. I don’t know, just throw replacement girl on and chill.

Regardless of how you feel about the man or his craft you can not deny his talent. Kanye has constantly pushed boundaries in his career and due to his arrogance has caused himself to be either loved or hated. One thing I do respect about him is his integrity, he didn’t care how anyone felt about him doing a pop album. He wanted to do one so he did, many felt disappointed and many others adored his attempt. Read More

It feels so good to be home, well I was always home but it feels good to have computer back at home. Back to business then, Chris Breezy beat Rihanna :O !!!!! Honestly though who would’ve thought it, Chris Brown would be able to hit Rihanna, if they were in the ring my money would be on Rihanna winning mos def. But non the less this story is bizzare, interesting and most of all, hilarious. It’s been growing  jucier ever since the original news of Chris Brown turning himself in for assaulting an anonymous women til the point Jay-Z implied he is going to whoop his ass. So yeah I just wanted to express my opinion about this.