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A song from Blu before anyone knew of him. Describes that feeling we all get when we just can’t be bothered with doing stuff and just chill. The funny thing is he’s actually talking real deep shit but it’s still so chilled and laid back. Great song!


The last Blu post I made was about how my dude managed to land a major deal. So yeah basically he’s one of the dudes I really feel as an mc and I just wanted to make sure you haven’t forgotten about him. So here it is, please don’t take it personal.

Sorry about the shit word play. Sorry again for misleading you, Blu hasn’t quite blown up (in the slang and literal sense). However their is good news regarding Mr Johnson, he has just signed a major deal. This is great for many reason, one of them being a really dope (some may even say the dopest out) emcee will get some exposure. Another being I get to see a Blu video on TV :D. But yeah I would like to congratulate Blu, you deserve it man.