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Apparently it’s all the rage to have a collaboration with Drake now a days >_>. This a cool track you know I’m feeling it, a rapper who’s the best to ever do it on a song with a rapper who I believe is the next big thing. I think they’re on to something.
Drake Featuring Jay-Z – Light Up by Hypetrak


Drake – Fear
I guess I’m going to have to buy the new Drake EP then, even though I have the So Far Gone mixtape. This track is perfection and would have fit in perfectly on the mixtape. The beat, the hook, the verses, it’s just too much. And people think this guy is one dimensional. Album in stores September 15th!!!

Jay-Z – Death of Autotune.
What more can I say ? What more needs to be said ? This is the new Jay-Z track and he seems to be getting his point across pretty well. Employing Kanye West’s mentor No I.D. for the beat, Jay lets every one know his opinion on the new industry trends. Oh I forgot to mention he does it with that super lyrical flow we all know and adore.

Mos Def – Casa Bey
So if you haven’t heard the boogie man is back and he’s working on his album “The Ecstatic”. His new single is inspired off his visits around South America and his inspiration is very prominent. I quite like how this album is turning out, like all his other efforts he seems to be experimenting like he does. But I must I feel unlike previous efforts “The Ecstatic” will be more hits than misses, as Mos is still one of the elite lyrical rappers in the game ever.