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Apparently it’s all the rage to have a collaboration with Drake now a days >_>. This a cool track you know I’m feeling it, a rapper who’s the best to ever do it on a song with a rapper who I believe is the next big thing. I think they’re on to something.
Drake Featuring Jay-Z – Light Up by Hypetrak


Jay-Z featuring Kanye West & Rihanna – Run This Town.
Yes I’m a huge Jay fan and will at any given opportunity explain to you why he is the best to ever do it. He just knows how to build hype for an album and it has been key to his success. I have no doubt in my mind every one will love this jawnt and Blueprint 3 will fly off the shelves like every other Jay-Z album.

Jay-Z – Death of Autotune.
What more can I say ? What more needs to be said ? This is the new Jay-Z track and he seems to be getting his point across pretty well. Employing Kanye West’s mentor No I.D. for the beat, Jay lets every one know his opinion on the new industry trends. Oh I forgot to mention he does it with that super lyrical flow we all know and adore.

Jay-Z – Maybe
This is the new Jay-Z and it happens to be produced by Puffy and LV. It’s really good, I mean really good. Anyone who knows me would tell you how big of a Jay fan I truly am and honestly I didn’t really expect much from his new album until I just heard this. The flavour of the beat is late 90s early millennium Jay, it suits his flow perfectly. I really hope this isn’t the full version because this song has just left me wanting more. His formula for hits works again.

Jay-Z – Money Goes
Just some new Jay-Z for you courtesy of 2dopeboyz. EDIT: Apologies to any one who actually read this post, I didn’t do it at home and it makes seem like I’m getting lazy but no I’m not well at least I hope I’m not. Any who Jay-Z and Radiohead, now you’re thinking I’m smoking crack. Unless you’ve been listening to Jaydiohead. Me personally I’ve not made the time out to give it a listen but I’ve heard good things about it and it seems to be a good combination as far as mash ups go. So if you want to check it out it’s free here at JAYDIOHEAD.