Monthly Archives: January 2009

Young Money featuring Drake – Every Girl
Damn I can’t wait for this dude to blow up because I believe he is immensely talented. But yeah I’ve already stated how dope I think he is various times before but the industry is starting to catch on too. Read More


If ya’ll hating on Fifty do that. However I find the dude hilarious and he keeps hip hop interesting. He just trying to make his paper, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So basically in this video Diddy talks about some stuff regarding the new Notorious Movie. He also clears some of the controversy surrounding Lil Kim after this movie. All in all the video to me was pretty funny. One question though, why does Diddy have sunglasses on his face and another pair hanging from his tee on a cold looking day ?

Who doesn’t like stuff which has character ? Don’t answer that. Yeah so character goes along way even fashion. Something really ugly might get copped just on the basis of it having character. You know something other than clothes that have character ? Cartoons and what better character to represent on a shoe than good old Glenn Quagmire. This Nike SB Dunk has the red and yellow stars/ green colourway you know to rep one of Family Guys most recognizable faces (quite a big face too). Besides letting people know you like Family Guy this shoe actually looks decent too. I know it’s available here but I am not to sure about a UK release so erm yeah >_>.

Firstly I’m jealous of the Japanese. Really though, they have the best stuff. All the best fashion, all the best technology. They’re even killing the collaboration scene and stealing all the western fashion icons. The main one being Levi Strauss. Atmos has just done another collaboration with Levi’s and it’s damn hot. Read More