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So I’ve been playing this since a child and I still enjoy it a lot. It just gets me really fired up, like I was buying hotels in real life. Read More


So I’m pretty sure Wii was the first console to really start making games interactive in this manner and let the gamer physically get involved. This video has left me stunned though. Project Natal is something Microsoft have been working and unlike ever before it allows the player to play games without a controller(Well eye toy doesn’t really count) Read More

If you suck at playing instruments but are good at button bashing then you can get yourself the guitar hero guitar and make it seem like you’re better than Hendrix. However if you’re actually good at playing the guitar but suck at button bashing, what then huh ? Well some folks decided to solve your problem. The solution they arrived at was this, the You Rock Guitar. It is compatible with most music games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. But unlike the instruments you get with those games this doesn’t have buttons, it actually has strings. So if you’re actually as good as Jimi Hendrix you no longer have to get punked by some 10 year old with shit loads of practice time. At 150$ it’s well worth it because I roll with woolworths like that ya dig.

You see the title, then you see the picture and you’re probably confused. Unless you’re a Wu-Tang fan, it’s a quote from “Da Mystery Of Chessboxing” and this is a chessboard. This post happens to be about the latter of the two. Basically I saw this chess set and I was like “OMG it’s to die for”. Read More