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We all gotta eat right. This right here is the anthem if you’re hungry and at work thinking why the hell do you even bother. It’s for that CAKE.


Damn 50 did it, I just love this sample. Flipped a little different to how Yeezy did it for Kweli but it’s still crazy.

Lil Wayne -Louisanimal
So I heard Weezy pissed off 50. O Word ? Yeh Word, and this is the song that did it. Following in Jay’s footsteps Lil Wayne decided to take shots at 50 by saying something along the lines of “All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters,Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water”. Oooh that’s fight talk. 50 has already retaliated with play this on the radio. You know what it is, rap beef. Never gets old.


50 Cent – Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth
50 Cent – Play This On The Radio
So I have been listening to new 50. What’s weird is I keep thinking I’m listening to old 50. That has an explanation though. The new music 50 Cent is bringing out isn’t really as tailor made for the radio any more. It’s a lot more, what’s the word I’m looking for, Gully. He has decided to take it back to the street and the results seem to be good. Hopefully 50 Cent will give us another great album before parting with Aftermath.