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Post has nothing to do with the film, which by the way is an example of sheer excellence. However it does have something to do with the city of lights because it was Paris fashion week a few days ago. You know the deal by now. Read More

When you’re artistic designer at Dior (my favourite brand =]) you learn a thing or two about design. Kris Van Assche has decided to display what he has learnt by making this sneaker. It’s from his Spring/Summer 2009 line and it looks plain but at the same time very interesting and this amazes me. I can’t point out what so special about it but it’s definetly there, it might be the strap, it might be the cool grey and clean white colourway. I don’t really care I know it looks extremely pleasing to the eye and thats what matters. The sneaker is available at Collette in limited numbers, so if I was ballin I’d cop.
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