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I was just chilling listening to Usher and I was thinking wow this album was great. So here I am sharing it with ya’ll, hope you enjoy it.


Jay-Z – Maybe
This is the new Jay-Z and it happens to be produced by Puffy and LV. It’s really good, I mean really good. Anyone who knows me would tell you how big of a Jay fan I truly am and honestly I didn’t really expect much from his new album until I just heard this. The flavour of the beat is late 90s early millennium Jay, it suits his flow perfectly. I really hope this isn’t the full version because this song has just left me wanting more. His formula for hits works again.

So basically in this video Diddy talks about some stuff regarding the new Notorious Movie. He also clears some of the controversy surrounding Lil Kim after this movie. All in all the video to me was pretty funny. One question though, why does Diddy have sunglasses on his face and another pair hanging from his tee on a cold looking day ?