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It’s not just a good advert, it’s a great advert and I’m not even a die hard football fan. It’s like a short film which basically get’s you amped for the world cup by perfectly describing the passion and influence that goes in to football whilst still being very funny. Read More

It’s playoff time and The Cavs have been undefeated up till now which may very well change tonight. Yeah so Nike has done a commercial with the newly crowned MVP King James and the player who was dethroned Kobe Bryant, it’s pretty funny. It plays on Bron’s flamboyance and excitement and Kobe’s laid back persona. Read More

Wood what a useful material. Back in the day we used it to make fire, nowadays it’s used……….wait it isn’t really used that much in technological advances. Well Arndt Menke disagrees, wood isn’t useless it’s just as good as aluminium and he has put his theory to work by producing a bike frame made completely from wood. Read More

This is very relieving for me, not because I thought it wouldn’t happen we all knew it was a matter of time but it’s nice to see the greatest player of all times name is finally in the hall of fame. It’s just a great moment in the history of sports. Well done Michael Jordan, your career truly does speak for itself. Read More

It is getting close to the NBA playoffs 2009 and I wanted to dedicate a thread to my favourite team the Houston Rockets. When McGrady went down, people thought maybe the Rockets aren’t going to make any major moves this year. However they’ve managed to hold on to the third spot in the west. They have just been having a great season, with unlikely heroes. The reason I love this team, you never know what will happen next.