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Mos Def – Casa Bey
So if you haven’t heard the boogie man is back and he’s working on his album “The Ecstatic”. His new single is inspired off his visits around South America and his inspiration is very prominent. I quite like how this album is turning out, like all his other efforts he seems to be experimenting like he does. But I must I feel unlike previous efforts “The Ecstatic” will be more hits than misses, as Mos is still one of the elite lyrical rappers in the game ever.


First off I want to say props to Mos Def for being in House. It’s my favourite show and he did a very good job acting in it. The thing I want to focus on is actually how the episode was done, I found the decision to do this episode differently worked out pretty well. It presented how someone with locked in syndrome must be feeling really well in my opinion, that being said I am by no means an expert on the matter. Overall a great episode and a great cameo.

So the Mighty Mos Def has always been in to his fashion steez with Triple 5 Soul etc. UNDRCRWN noticed the artists love of all things fresh (Drizzy I see you) and decided to hook him up with what some might call a signature line. Most of the jawnts in this line are T-shirts but there’s some other stuff but I don’t have a clue to how much of it is exclusive to the Boogieman himself. Maybe you could find out at UNDR-CRWN.COM. One things for sure a lot of these jawnts are looking pretty damn ill. Read More

So Mos Def has been touring and also has a new release in the mix called Ecstatic. But any who he did two new tracks one of which was a remix to Jay’s jawnt “Brooklyn We Go Hard” and the second was a track of his album called “Casa Forte”. That’s the one in the video.