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Independently I adore the innovation Nike  and Stone Island bring to fashion and streetwear in particular. So one would assume that I’d be quite excited about the second instalment of their ongoing collaboration; that’d be a correct assessment to some extent.

I’m not completely sold that both companies are fully dedicated to this project. To me it doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Is it anything more than a portable Nike Windrunner? I’m not convinced but one thing is for sure; this yellow jawn is FUEGO.

nikelab-stone-island-windrunner-jacket-02One more thing, this can be folded in to a portable side bag when it’s not rainy or windy.



A lot of people argue that Nike has lost its creative edge in recent years and solely relies on regurgitating old styles and relying on retro sales. If you take a second to “pree the yout dem” and figure out what’s hot on road you’ll soon realise old styles such as Huaraches and Air Max 90’s is all people really want. However Adidas has re-established itself as a creative force through collaborator efforts (Not just Kanye but Y3, Pharrell and others)  and savvy marketing which is constantly ahead of the game making sure the hottest talents are promoting the brand; Nike seems to be lagging behind.

However all is not bleak for the swooshed brand in my opinion due to the release of two really nice and innovative silhouettes in the past two years: The Air Max Tavas and the Air Max Zero. I’m going to focus on the Zero because for me it’s certainly the hotter of the two. It keeps the classic Nike running shoe aesthetic that we’ve become familiar with over the years but adds some new technology such as ultra outsole and a fuse upper. Legend has it that the design is based on a 29 year old sketch by Tinker Hatfield (designer of classics such as Air Max 1 and every good Air Jordan shoe) which is claimed to predate the Air Max 1. It sure feels and looks like a modern day classic.

The Tavas aren’t bad either so next time you’re in footlocker maybe think about the new Nike tings too.



Ricardo Tisci is a juggernaut of the fashion world. A matter of fact his cultural impact at this point transcends the fashion world and the style he has championed since being appointed creative director at Givenchy has arguably been the most marketable of any of fashion house of our generation.

However has Ricardo Tisci been a “creative” director for the past few years or has he just followed his formula for past success? The premium street wear that Givenchy was peddling in 2012 is looking ever so boring at this point and I personally am tired of star motifs. Also with the emergence of Vetements, Givenchy is at risk of being left behind in a lane it created.

I don’t question for one moment that Ricardo Tisci is a talented designer but Givenchy is in dire need of some new energy and with changes at Gucci, Dior and Saint Laurent maybe he isn’t any longer the man for the job.

Stone Island may not always be reinventing their range with fancy new designs and staying up to date with all the new trends in fashion (That’s what CP Company is for). Though One thing you can guarantee is that any clothing branded with the Stone Island tag will always be technically brilliant, utilising the latest technology in fabrics to maximise performance. Read More

DC comics has delved in to the fashion world and decided to a collaboration with Parisian style kingdom Colette. Various designers will be taking part in the collaboration to represent a different super hero. The bags shown in this post are the first from the collection and are done by Pierre Hardy. Julien David has also done pieces representing the most famous comic book hero of all time. Read More