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Independently I adore the innovation Nike  and Stone Island bring to fashion and streetwear in particular. So one would assume that I’d be quite excited about the second instalment of their ongoing collaboration; that’d be a correct assessment to some extent.

I’m not completely sold that both companies are fully dedicated to this project. To me it doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Is it anything more than a portable Nike Windrunner? I’m not convinced but one thing is for sure; this yellow jawn is FUEGO.

nikelab-stone-island-windrunner-jacket-02One more thing, this can be folded in to a portable side bag when it’s not rainy or windy.


Stone Island may not always be reinventing their range with fancy new designs and staying up to date with all the new trends in fashion (That’s what CP Company is for). Though One thing you can guarantee is that any clothing branded with the Stone Island tag will always be technically brilliant, utilising the latest technology in fabrics to maximise performance. Read More


I don’t usually appreciate brands which are stuck in between being high fashion designer brands and your basic street wear brand, however I’ll make an exception for Junk De Luxe. The brand manages to mix formal and street wear clothing together pretty effectively by giving a little extra attention to tailoring detail and fit, with that they throw a little dash of indie rock in and there you have it, a Junk De Luxe garment. Read More