Monthly Archives: March 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Too Black Guys maybe a brand that you know of, or it maybe a brand you were unaware of until now. In either case, I don’t know what to say next, I just really think they make dope clothing. So yeah the brand is really cool they did a collaboration with Mos Def a while back and it looked great, they also had Drake modelling their line once upon a time which was also dope. However this time they decided doing a normal look book like every other brand is stupid so they did a video look book for their Spring/Summer line which they call “Not For Sale”. It really is my steez.


Usually a shop re-opening wouldn’t be important enough for me to blog about. So now you’re wondering why am I posting about a shop re-opening, well all shall be revealed if you take the time to keep reading. Gucci is re-opening their store on, yes you guessed it, Sloane Street. Read More

Jay-Z – Maybe
This is the new Jay-Z and it happens to be produced by Puffy and LV. It’s really good, I mean really good. Anyone who knows me would tell you how big of a Jay fan I truly am and honestly I didn’t really expect much from his new album until I just heard this. The flavour of the beat is late 90s early millennium Jay, it suits his flow perfectly. I really hope this isn’t the full version because this song has just left me wanting more. His formula for hits works again.

Rarely do I post about motor vehicles, rarely does a car this important get released. The Mercedes SLS AMG will be the first car fully designed by AMG. That’s not what interests me though, I’m excited to see how this car turns out because it is supposedly the successor of the Mercedes 300SL. For those who don’t know what a 300SL is, Read More

As if they haven’t released enough new colourways for the Air Jordan One this season. They went digging in the crates with this one and bought back a classic. Some of you may be old enough to remember the 1992 NBA basketball season, one player dominated the game, little did people know this would be the trend for many years to come. Read More

If you’re looking for a watch that tells the time really really good I got something for you. This is a limited edition updated version of the standard Chronomat model, yeah. You probably can’t see a difference in the appearance though that is due to one very important factor. Most of the changes made are under the casing. Read More