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Independently I adore the innovation Nike  and Stone Island bring to fashion and streetwear in particular. So one would assume that I’d be quite excited about the second instalment of their ongoing collaboration; that’d be a correct assessment to some extent.

I’m not completely sold that both companies are fully dedicated to this project. To me it doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Is it anything more than a portable Nike Windrunner? I’m not convinced but one thing is for sure; this yellow jawn is FUEGO.

nikelab-stone-island-windrunner-jacket-02One more thing, this can be folded in to a portable side bag when it’s not rainy or windy.


DC comics has delved in to the fashion world and decided to a collaboration with Parisian style kingdom Colette. Various designers will be taking part in the collaboration to represent a different super hero. The bags shown in this post are the first from the collection and are done by Pierre Hardy. Julien David has also done pieces representing the most famous comic book hero of all time. Read More

Everyone has there own summer time look, like every other part of the year in the summer there isn’t just one look or style that is suitable. Just depends on how you do it but this entry is about the one item that is like so summer. For me that item is, the Sperry top-sider. They look great with shorts, chinos, jeans, socks, no socks. It’s hard to go wrong with the classic boat shoe, so I recommend if you haven’t already got a pair, get some.