Monthly Archives: May 2009

Maybe one of the best NBA playoffs for me personally since Michael Jordan was playing. Who would have thought the best team in the NBA would get defeated by the third best team in the second best conference. Read More


Vodpod videos no longer available.
Fabolous – Throw It In The Bag

Fabo is that hit maker for the summer. I love dudes relaxed flow and here’s the two new singles from his new album for your enjoyment. Read More

A while back Comme Des Garcons did a collabortaion with Louis Vuitton on a store . Well now that space has been transformed by Vogue Nippon and Comme Des Garcons to a pop up store for there “Magazine Alive” collaboration. The store is located in Tokyo and will sell various fashion items such as clothes and accessories >_>. The stores content will revolve around whatever is featured in Vogue Nippon, so every month when a new issue of Vogue releases¬† the merchandise at this store will change. Read More

Regardless of how you feel about the man or his craft you can not deny his talent. Kanye has constantly pushed boundaries in his career and due to his arrogance has caused himself to be either loved or hated. One thing I do respect about him is his integrity, he didn’t care how anyone felt about him doing a pop album. He wanted to do one so he did, many felt disappointed and many others adored his attempt. Read More

Gucci is not one those one dimensional designer brand names that have no values other than producing the best fashions and making as much money as possible. I respect this a lot because I can rest assured there isn’t a sweat shop worker being beat for my monogram wallet. This constant display of compassion and consideration for people and subjects outside of fashion is what makes me like Gucci that little bit more. Read More

I feel kind of sick today and I’m going to officially post this Shad Video(I’ve posted it before). He’s one of my favourite fairly new emcees and if you take the time to listen to this song you’ll understand why. Shad is just dope it’s hard to hear an emcee spit so lightly and playfully then talk very deep and portray a message. Shad does both seamlessly, check out The Old Prince to see what I mean. End Transmission.