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It’s bad boy baby. Basically I’m really missing the 90’s because you could go to a party and here jawnts like this bringing the house down. Uh and Craig Mack is always forgotten because you know Biggie was kinda always taking his time in the limelight.
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“Slow Down Son Your Killing Em” – Only Way too describe Biggie on this track. That verse was like more perfect than perfect. Word to Waqar the whole song has that 90’s R&B vibe on lock. It’s a crazy jawnt.

So basically in this video Diddy talks about some stuff regarding the new Notorious Movie. He also clears some of the controversy surrounding Lil Kim after this movie. All in all the video to me was pretty funny. One question though, why does Diddy have sunglasses on his face and another pair hanging from his tee on a cold looking day ?

I don’t know, I’ve always been a huge Biggie fan but for some reason I can’t listen to anything other than the Notorious right now. The guy was a genius in every aspect of his art. Also If you haven’t heard there is a Biggie bio-pic releasing soon. From what I heard it’s dope, after all this man had a story tell. Read More