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I can’t believe I haven’t ever mentioned The Boondocks before. It is my favourite animated series (Out right now a close second to GTO, if you don’t know ask somebody) and is epic in what it does. It’s has had two great and controversial seasons and has received the green light for a third. The story follows Huey Freeman who lives with his brother and grandfather in the suburbs, the story focuses on issues young black men face in this environment. That being said this show is definitely something everyone should watch and everyone can appreciate watching. Read More


Now most people would immediately assume that the only people interested in stamps are those folks who collect them, not with this one. Americas favourite family have hooked with USPS for their own stamp collection and they look cool. I think anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons can appreciate these stamps. Also if you’re more of the practical type, this is a great way to add that flare to a letter. Read More


So I was watching this joint as it’s Christmas and the thing you have to do if you run a TV station is air a Disney flick. So yeah, I’m watching Peter Pan, not because I enjoy Peter Pan but because there was a child who is quite stubborn and knows what she wants to watch in the room. However whilst watching Peter Pan I noticed a few things and it made me say “dayum Disney messed up”. You’re thinking what have you been smoking, well I haven’t but apparently Peter Pan has. He takes some so called “Fairy Dust” and suddenly he can fly. C’mon that’s pretty fishy. On top of that this guy is a hoodlum who chills with his crew of up to no good kid’s. I’m not even going to get started on how much of a pedophile Captain Hook is. Disney need some censoring yo !

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