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Ya’ll probably can guess why I’m posting this. Word to second to verse.


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Honestly I’m probably going to post about everything that I think is a major move from this guy. Let’s face it, MTV Spring Break is a huge deal and who’s up there on stage with Weezy (biggest rapper out) with a crowd packed full with thousands of teenagers ( you know the type that cop albums ) going crazy for his rhymes. You guessed it, this a post about that boy Drizzy. Props on this one man, did I mention this is his first tour. Word ? Yes he’s a natural.

Drake featuring Lil Wayne – Ignorant Shit
So Drake is getting things done now. He has just finished up his North American tour with Lil Wayne, he has finally got the date of his third mixtape So Far Gone confirmed and he got like a crazy awesome record deal. I got to be honest with you before Weezy jumped on the Drake tracks I wasn’t feeling him what so ever, now however I kind of understand his steez and begining to appreciate him more. That and every time him and Drizzy happen to be on a jawnt together it’s Fire.

Lil Wayne -Louisanimal
So I heard Weezy pissed off 50. O Word ? Yeh Word, and this is the song that did it. Following in Jay’s footsteps Lil Wayne decided to take shots at 50 by saying something along the lines of “All about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters,Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water”. Oooh that’s fight talk. 50 has already retaliated with play this on the radio. You know what it is, rap beef. Never gets old.