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Wearing a t-shirt associated with an artist lets people know instantly what type of music you’re in to (unless you’re a hypebeast and just rock it for fun). This tee is designed by Parra and is made in collaboration with Stones Throw records. If you’re a fan when you hear “Stones Throw” you may think of great artists such as Madvillain and Quasimoto or you might just skip them and think of one of the greatest ever, you guessed it, J Dilla. Read More


I just recieved my J Dilla t shirt in the post today ( you know the one featured in this video),I was really happy and psyched. So I decided to post this video in celebration. Also DAYUM this beat is like fire man, this is most definitely something you can just play all day and it won’t get old.

You got one ? That’s cool.