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Stone Island may not always be reinventing their range with fancy new designs and staying up to date with all the new trends in fashion (That’s what CP Company is for). Though One thing you can guarantee is that any clothing branded with the Stone Island tag will always be technically brilliant, utilising the latest technology in fabrics to maximise performance. Read More


Tag Heuer has just released a new version of their Meridiist mobile phone. If you’re unaware of what the hell the point of the Meridiist is, well it’s one of those phones that are all sleek and designer and exclusive. However Tag being the “Time in your hand” company it has a design which allows you to see the time by looking at the top of your phone. According to the designer of the phone it’s had as much craftsmanship put in to it as a Tag Heuer watch, so it probably has more to it than a luxury phone with a clock on top. So the new version, well it has been released to accompany the companies Grand Carrera watch. If you want a high end watch with a high end phone to match this maybe what suits you best. For most other people though a blackberry would do the job. Oh and I had to quote (My first ever direct quote from some one else’s article but it was so damn good I just had too) GQ on this “A diamond-encrusted edition is also available, should you wish to become a girl’s best friend. “