Good Night and Good Luck!


Ricardo Tisci is a juggernaut of the fashion world. A matter of fact his cultural impact at this point transcends the fashion world and the style he has championed since being appointed creative director at Givenchy has arguably been the most marketable of any of fashion house of our generation.

However has Ricardo Tisci been a “creative” director for the past few years or has he just followed his formula for past success? The premium street wear that Givenchy was peddling in 2012 is looking ever so boring at this point and I personally am tired of star motifs. Also with the emergence of Vetements, Givenchy is at risk of being left behind in a lane it created.

I don’t question for one moment that Ricardo Tisci is a talented designer but Givenchy is in dire need of some new energy and with changes at Gucci, Dior and Saint Laurent maybe he isn’t any longer the man for the job.


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