Hi Haters, I’m back off a Hiatus.

Has been a very long time since my last entry, that was due to me being involved with loads of other stuff in the real world. I have got a bit of spare time now so I shall blog, don’t know how much, don’t know for how long. I don’t even know why I explain myself like I have loyal readers who missed me lulz. So my comeback post is a list of things I enjoyed about 2009, I know I’m late for an end of year awards list but I don’t care because this sets me up for my next post which is things I’m looking forward to in 2010.
The first things I’d like to appreciate are the Air Jordan XI Black/Varsity Royal- White aka The Space Jam. What can I say, the pandemonium caused by these sneakers speaks for itself. I managed to land a pair and it felt good, did you ?
Next up is this album, you know why ? Because I swear it gets better to me with every listen. And there is no occasion where you can not play it, it has a song for everything. A true master class by Fabo, to me his best album yet. A special mention to my man Drizzy who I can never forget, he made some major moves this year. Sadly he didn’t drop an album but if he did I’m sure Fabo maybe might not have won.
This movie surprised me because it said “this is not a love story” but everyone expected it to be anyway. What it really is, is a story and a damn good one. It’s something we can all almost relate to and extremely, brilliantly captured. I liked it, a lot and can say it was my favourite film of the year. Not the best I saw but my favourite. Word to George Clooney, you made moves this year. Everyone go and see Up in the air.
Forget the iPhone or Macbook. I can not remember wanting an electronic in recent times as much as I want this, I truly believe the EP-1 is revolutionary. A Digital SLR camera which is that small and versatile, on top of all that it has tons of swag. I saw it first on a voyage I made to Tokyo this year and have been in love ever since.
Fashion house of the year. Nicolas Ghesquiere kept me obsessed with everything Balenciaga this year and everything was oh so beautiful. And that’s a wrap for now.


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