Apple iPod Nano 5th Gen.

I used to dislike Apple but now I don’t. It’s opinion whether they make the best products on the market and whether their inflated prices are worth it but the fact is they are very innovative with their products, they have great marketing and they do make very good products. Apple also is constantly trying to improve their product and manage to do so, sometimes with minor adjustments, sometimes major changes. This time for the 5th generation of the most popular music player in the world, Apple have chosen to give it quite a big overhaul. The new iPod nano will have features such as fm radio and will come in a aluminium and glass enclosure like previous versions. One major difference however is, the new iPod will feature a video camera allowing the user to shoot videos from their iPod where ever when ever. The new 5th gen iPod nano will be available in 8gb and 16gb priced at $149 and $179 respectively.


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