Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II

I’m quite patient but 4 years is a long wait by anyone’s standard. That is how long it has been since Only Built 4 Cuban Linx had been announced. Last year with the Wu’s personal problems situation and beef and the wackness of 8 diagrams, I began to question whether I would ever hear OB4CL2 or would it be a Dre Detox type album. It has finally surfaced though and if some one keeps me waiting 4 years for something, it better be dope. The Chef didn’t disappoint, I have no higher praise for this album. It’s immaculate! It is what OB4CL was 14 years ago, a mafioso Abbey Road but better. I’m not saying this is by any means better than part 1 or even on par, I’m just saying it’s more of the same and I feel it’s what Hip Hop required. Jadakiss who is featured on Broken Safety says “Fuck saving hip hop we’re bringing the streets back” and how right he is, it needed to be done. All the guests verses are amazing especially Meth on House of flying daggers, not taking anything away from Raekwon. He still comes with that amazing flow, talking that “Gun in yo mouth talk”. I have to give props to Ghostface though, the guest star Tony Starks really comes with something special on every one of his verses. The production is crazy too, Dre didn’t hold back. I actually remember listening to Verbal Intercourse last week thinking why doesn’t Rza do stuff like this any more, then I hear Black Mozart. Do I need to even mention how good Dilla was on this. Overall this is a great album, like an original Wu album. It took me back to a time where all I listened to was street rap and got me thinking what happened? Honestly if you’re a Wu fan buy this joint, it definitely deserves that much, Ideally buy 3.

The video to house of flying daggers.

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