Signature For Good !

The picture gives you all the info but it is hard to read so I’ll give you the jist of it. The Mont Blanc Meisterstück Le Grand and Meisterstück Classique pens have been given a make over with a blue sapphire and a gold plated wreath to represent Unicef. It truly is a beautiful looking pen and it helps a good cause too. Mont Blanc being a company known mostly for it’s writing instruments wants to make sure as many as possible people in the world are literate. They’re going to do this by donating profits from any pens sold in this collection to Unicef to aid education and literacy programmes. They guarantee a minimum of 1.5 million American dollars will be donated. A big donation by any ones standard. So if you are thinking about buying a high end pen, make it this one as you will be doing much more than just buying an instrument to write with.


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