Comeback Season 2009

I make a Drake mixtape reference because in the last year he’s the only other unsigned artist who has had me this excited for his releases. Last week a mixtape dropped it was called “The Warm Up” and was by Jay’s first signing to his Roc Nation label. J.Cole is a phenomenon when it comes to spitting rhymes but that isn’t his only skill, he also makes his own beats. This boy is really talented and I’m kind of disappointed that I only was put on to do this dude recently. I wish I could have been following to witness his growth as an artist and a person. “The Warm Up” is his second mixtape, “The Come Up” being the first. On his first, J.Cole is more of a rapper proving himself, telling you who he is and what he is in the rap game to achieve. “The Warm Up” is more matured and a story of young man’s struggle to achieve his dream in life and the problem he has encountered along the way. Both mixtapes are extremely good. His delivery and lyricism is just something else. Obviously some one saw something in him, to sign him on to Roc Nation. Drakes on top and will be for a while but next in line, is my man right here. Everybody needs to check out both of his mixtapes just to get a feel for who he is as an artist, you can decide whether you like it yourself.

J.Cole – The Warm Up
J.Cole – The Come Up


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