Dior Homme – Chiffre Rouge D01/D02

If you were to ask me what my favourite designer is, I’d beat around the bush for a few minutes about how I like a lot of designers and eventually come to the conclusion that I adore Dior. The reason I’m infatuated with everything Dior is that they really don’t do anything for the sake of expanding their product range. Watches are a perfect example of designers just trying to make money. Usually if you look at watches by Armani or D&G, they’re just ordinary watches but they’re over priced because they contain  a designer name on the bezel. That is not how Dior operates, if they do something it will be up there with the best. So I’m happy to see Dior watches because if you want a good mechanical watch you’d usually have to stick with a watch maker such as Audemars, Rolex or Cartier. Dior however gives you the option of having a fashion branded watch, which is still great when craftsmanship is involved. The Dior D01 and D02 are the first diving watches in the collection. I love the classic bezel and the see through back so you can appreciate that mechanism. A great watch by anyone’s standard.


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