The Best Phone On The Market Learns How To Sprint.

As you probably guessed due to the title I chose, I am a huge fan of the Apple iPhone. All though I adore the Iphone I do believe there is a space for a competitor.  Today I got a look at the Nokia N97 which is being released next Friday in the U.K. and I think it may be able to give the Apple iPhone 3G a run for its money. All that is irrelevant though because the Nokia N97 isn’t the only eagerly anticipated phone launching next week. Apple announced the iPhone 3GS at there developers conference and it not only looks a lot better than the old iPhone, it looks a lot better than any of the new phones that are being tagged as iPhone killers. The 3G, all though a great phone lacked a few features that a lot of phones come with as standard. Apple noticed this and the 3GS will come with an improved battery life and a 3 megapixel camera which has video capture and auto focus. The iPhone has also developed a compass which will be very useful guiding you home if you happen to get lost. Other features such as voice control, cut copy and paste and improved messaging have also been added. The biggest difference between the 3G and the 3G speedier is the 3GS is speedier, due to an improved processor the new phone will run twice as fast as its predecessor. All of this simply allows the iPhone to keep its title as the best phone out. The release date in the US is the 19th of this month, no other release date is available to me as of yet but as I get the news so will you. Take a look at this for now. I forgot to mention it will be available in either white or black with 32GB or 16GB of memory.

It will release in the UK on the 19th of June same as the USA, it will cost £124.00 for the 16GB and £186.00 for the 32GB. I have no info on the price plans that you get with this as of yet.


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