XBOX 360 Gets A Wii Bit Better.

So I’m pretty sure Wii was the first console to really start making games interactive in this manner and let the gamer physically get involved. This video has left me stunned though. Project Natal is something Microsoft have been working and unlike ever before it allows the player to play games without a controller(Well eye toy doesn’t really count) . Even though Wii originated the concept to an extent, Microsoft has taken it too new heights. This is revolutionary, if it turns out like this it will change gaming as we know it completely. It’s like being in the game. However this is just a trailer and no release date has yet been announced, only time will tell if this is going to live up to my expectation of it.

  1. I think people are comparing this to the Wii and I don’t think it’s an accurate comparison. With the Wii I can envision it (and it has been implemented) to work with games constructs that exist, and ideally enhance them (this has happened in a limited fashion). I don’t see the Natal as easily integrating.

    As an example, I know the Wii has been home to lots of party games and such, but it can still be used quite well in Metriod, and Mario and was a lot of fun to use in those games for a deeper experience. I can’t see how the Natal will allow also for deeper game experiences and that I think is why these cant’ be compared.

    It seems to me with this move Microsoft will be going after “Casuals” with the Natal, then the “Core” gets to play with the controller (and maybe this is what they are trying to do ). Where as Nintendo seemed to envision something that could produce something new but could also be used to enhance what we already had.

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