Vogue x CDG x Takashi Murakami x Undercover.

A while back Comme Des Garcons did a collabortaion with Louis Vuitton on a store . Well now that space has been transformed by Vogue Nippon and Comme Des Garcons to a pop up store for there “Magazine Alive” collaboration. The store is located in Tokyo and will sell various fashion items such as clothes and accessories >_>. The stores content will revolve around whatever is featured in Vogue Nippon, so every month when a new issue of Vogue releases  the merchandise at this store will change. I have no information on the duration of this project but I hope it lasts a while. Also many people have got involved, the second floor is decorated by Takashi Murakami using his signature floral design. Karl Lagerfeld has also done a window piece for the store which features mannequins but not in the way you’re used to seeing them. The store will also stock Murakami art and have exclusive items such as the “Grace” t-shirts by Undercover and the Murakami girl t-shirt which can be seen at the top.
Grace T-Shirts By UNDERCOVER.
Chanel window display by Karl Lagerfeld
Takashi Murakami.


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