On June 5th We All Have A Date With The Planet

Gucci is not one those one dimensional designer brand names that have no values other than producing the best fashions and making as much money as possible. I respect this a lot because I can rest assured there isn’t a sweat shop worker being beat for my monogram wallet. This constant display of compassion and consideration for people and subjects outside of fashion is what makes me like Gucci that little bit more. A while back Gucci did the campaign with Rihanna with proceeds going to help find a solution to the ever growing problem of Aids. Now Frida Giannini has decided to design a t-shirt to support the film “HOME”. HOME is a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (which by the looks of the trailer is absolutely beautifully made) about how humans have changed the earth’s climate in the past years. The t-shirt being released by Gucci features the double G logo and a message reminding to you watch the film on June the 5th. It also comes with a canvas bag featuring the HOME logo, oh and I forgot to mention the t-shirt features names of every country mentioned in the film on the back . It will run you £115.00 and every single percent of profit will be donated to Goodplanet.org. And if you’re thinking the production of this tee is probably going to harm the planet, stop worrying because it’s made completely of organic cotton with natural and dyes and comes in completely recyclable packaging so Gucci has got all bases covered with this one.

Oh I forgot to mention the entire PPR group is backing this project. My final note PPR>LVMH !!!


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