Cage – I Never Knew You.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
For those who don’t know of Cage, he is a underground rapper from NYC and he spent most of his life on drugs and in rehab. I’ve been aware of dude for a long time because he is on my favourite underground label, Def Jux (which is home to my favourite underground NYC lyricst C-Rayz Walz and other small fame names such as Murs,Aesop Rock and the UKs Dizzee Rascal). The thing which interested me about this video was the fact that it has a cameo from Shia LaBeouf. Which is pretty weird because I really didn’t think he would be a Cage fan but apparently he has been following the artist for quite the while now and is really glad to have this opportunity. You’d think the fanboyism would be the other way around but weird things happen hey. As for the song itself this style of underground is really an acquired taste, it is by no means for everyone. But if you like a little bit of metal with a lot of lyricism this may be your cup of tea. Oh I forgot to mention Shia LaBeouf also directed this video !


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