Maharashi x Stan Smith Jawnts

One of my favourite street wear brands has always been Maharishi. I like them for many reasons one of them being because they’re British and I support the home team. Never been a huge fan of Adidas though. It’s mostly because in the error I grew up Nike was the dominant brand in the sneaker marker, they had all the sponsorships. Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley were all Nike players. However there was a time the best players in the league were rocking Adidas that was before me. So now you know why I’m not so fond of Adidas. That doesn’t mean I hate these shoes. I have to admit I can’t hate on the Stan Smith, it’s just the generic shoe that looks good in a classic way. So yeah I quite like this collaboration, as you can see it comes in blue canvas with maharishi stitching on the back and tongue. Quite a nice shoe if you don’t want something too different but still something which is special.
Props to HighSnobiety


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