Valentino The Last Emperor.

Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and Giorgio Armani have become household names due to the massive impact they had on fashion. You may not realise but the styles and influences they introduced to fashion in there glory days are still very much the bar for every designer today. Another designer that had huge impact on fashion was Valentino Garavani. He’s less of a household name but when women see his dresses, they go crazy because he knows what all women want and that simply is to look beautiful. Mary J Blige expressed how she loved the designer in her song Grown Woman and countless other celebrities have embraced his clothing. He’s especially known for dressing women of royalty from all over the world.
If you’re a Valentino fan or just a fan of fashion, you’d be happy to know that there is a film being made about the man who loves red dresses. Coming straight from Toronto film festival where it has received buckets of praise, Valentino: The Last Emperor is a film for lovers of style or anyone who is interested in the history of fashion and one man’s influence on it.
To bring this film to your city visit Valentino The Movie.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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