Right now as I sit in front of my computer screen, my desk cluttered with mostly pointless rubbish. However there are a few things I have here that are meaningful. I have pictures from when I was younger to remind me of a simpler time, I have a DVD which was a gift from a friend to remind me of them and I have a model of a Shelby Cobra 427 to remind me of a time when cars looked, sounded and went beautifully. Now I’m young so I’m not going to sit here and give you a “back in my day” story because it kind of still is my day. However I feel in both vehicles and fashion, style has been lost to an extent. What do I mean by style ? Well nowadays you get crazy, ground breaking cars like lets say a Bugatti Veyron. However no one will ever look at it and say “Wow, what a beauty” because it really doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi. Where as an old SL or a Ferrari Daytona will leave you speechless. The AC has this quality, a sort of timeless appeal if you will. People love this and that’s probably the reason why there are so many replicas still being made. If you buy one of them though, you’re pretty much faking it because even though they look exactly like the original under the hood they’re most likely a Honda and have nothing on the car that the model sitting on my desk represents. AC have themselves realised this is some what an issue and have decided to release a new model. The MkVI GTS will come with a 647 bhp Corvette V8, which will do 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and will keep going to speeds over 180 MPH. That’s not the best news though, it will also be available in a hardtop version with gullwing doors, you know the type you’d find on a Mercedes 300SL. So if you want to drive around in something which has timeless style and mind blowing speed, here’s your car. There’s no price on this car yet but you can check out AC’s site for the full details.


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