Murakami Takes over Vuitton >_>Updated<_<

Takashi Murakami is seen by some as a living legend. If you’re not aware of who he is, he’s the artist who designed the Kanye West – Graduation cover. He’s a Japanese artist and seeing how Japanese culture is slowly but steadily taking over the world, it comes as no surprise that Murakami’s art work has found itself in the limelight. He has done collaborations with household names such as Levi Strauss and more so Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton collaboration is what today’s post is about as Murakami has just redone the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo (Omotesando) to celebrate the release of his famed Multicolour collection (Spring/Summer 09 as it’s not the first time Murakami has worked with Louis). So yeah the store has basically been filled with Takashi Murakami artwork and toys. Murakami has even gone one step further in promoting this line by creating a short animated film called “Superflat First Love”, it features the plush toys that the store is filled with. Check out the line at Louis Vuitton.
More shots of the store.
A wallet from the collection.
An image from the film.

More shots of the makeover.

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