Custom Timberland Boat shoe.

As far as the world is concerned Sperry and Sebago are sole controllers of the boat shoe market. However I do go bargain hunting quite a lot and that is when I first discovered Timberland also make boat shoes. When I first saw them, I was like whoa they’re nice, that was how I felt until I saw the logo and then I had second thoughts. Can Timberland really escape there stereotype of a construction boot maker and make a casual shoe ? I can safely say yes they can because even though I looked down on the Timberland logo I couldn’t deny that the design was perfect and the quality seem above standards. Now they have took it one step further, they are offering their custom boot service on boat shoes. As far I’m aware neither Sperry or Sebago offer that. It’s really extensive too. You can pick two types, either your bog standard boat shoe or a chunkier soled hand sewn boat shoe. You can also customise almost every aspect of it you would want, from the colour of your laces to the monogram on the insole. The possibilities are endless, give it a go at Timberland.



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