Alain Silberstein

I’ve been meaning to post about Alain Silberstein for a while but kept delaying it for no real reason. Now to the point, Alain Silberstein is one of my favourite watchmakers. The Swiss (Patek Phillippe) were the inventors of the wrist watch however it was the French (Cartier) who made the wrist watch an item worn by millions of men everyday. Why did I just say that ? Well it tells us the relation that the French and Swiss have had in the history of watch making. Alain Silberstein, born in Paris started creating time pieces in the late 80’s, at this time not many new watch companies were making watches using Swiss mechanical movements. It was even more rare to find a watchmaker who was making watches just for the love of making of watches, Alain Silberstein watches differed from other time pieces because his watches had no real function beyond telling the time and looking marvellous. Other than having some of the best craftsmanship and attention to detail, Alain Silberstein watches are also very appealing to the eye. On his website it refers to them of pieces of art and that’s probably the only way to describe them. From the colourful faces to the mechanism boasting glass backs, everything about Alain Silberstein watches are beautiful and The reason I adore his work. For more information visit Alain Silberstein.


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