This ain’t Diesel. These is …..

Most of you will instantly recognize that logo but for those who have no clue, that is the logo that has become the trademark of Japanese denim merchants Evisu. So why am I posting about Evisu ? Well the first reason probably has to be that they make some of the best quality jeans out there. A lot of people dislike Evisu however because of how it’s been over saturated and ‘played out’ but the fact is they have a vast knowledge of denim production. Now the better news, Kanji Kohanda is an Evisu artist. The only Evisu artist outside of Japan and he happens to live in London. That’s cool but what’s even cooler is that you can buy some normal plain denim and Kanji will personally customise those jawnts for you. What the even better news is that he is coming to Huddersfield next Wednesday. This is dope because you can go to Circle between 12-4 PM and get some dope ass jeans. However having some dope ass jeans is not the only reason you will be feeling good about yourself after this trip, the Fanda trust is a local charity that supports creativity in local artists and individuals. That’s the sponsor of the event so you know you’d be suppourting a good cause. An impotant point though this offer is on a first come first serve basis so you know what you gotta do !

A video of the man in action.


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