My favourite fashion house right now: Balenciaga.

My favourite fashion house of all time would have to be Dior but Christian Dior himself once stated that Balenciaga is the master of all designers. Balenciaga was a fashion house that I could admire for all its achievements through out the history of fashion but never really enjoy. That was in the past because I was stuck in the belief that Balenciaga had nothing to offer me, as a fashion house that concentrates mainly on women’s ready to wear. However I have a friend who loves Balenciaga and due to this I never discredited them, instead I spent time searching for stuff designed by the fashion house that I could appreciate. I also saw a really awesome show on BBC Three regarding the history of fashion (I can’t remember its name) and Balenciaga was mentioned quite a lot. My search kind of has come to an end now because I realise that they make great men’s wear, I also appreciate how Nicolas Ghesquière has kept the essence of the brand by creating really elegant and classic clothing which isn’t boring or outdated. Sounds simple but it’s a tough task and Balenciaga have consistently set the bar in fashion since it was established. Visit Balenciaga.
Sadly after saying how great there men’s wear is I had a hard time finding pictures to illustrate my point. But if we do look at the women’s wear we can still see how Balenciaga has an extravagant style which has a classic feel but doesn’t quite follow conformities. Same for the men’s wear really and if you’re desperate to see what I mean head over to Selfridges & Co.


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