Never too late

Okay so it’s the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s the biggest and classiest party of the year and you’re on the guest list. Your date happens to be Heidi Klum, so you’re going to have to impress. So you’re just leaving the Armani boutique, you’ve got yourself the best tux they have along with some crocodile skin Pradas you’re going to kill them at the party. As you’re about to go home you walk past a watch shop and see a Girrard Peregaux that will go perfect with what you just bought and you remember, you only own a Casio which is not really Armani suit material and at 14 thousand buying this watch is out of the question. If this is your dilemma, I’ve got the solution. Go online to Steal the Time and lease it. It’s a service that allows you to lease or even buy high end watches for a very small fraction of the actual retail price. I was just thinking about a service like this today before I stumbled across this site. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to look really well polished for one night but doesn’t want to spend 10 thousand plus on a watch that you will only ever really need to wear once. So unless you’re the type who can afford to drop the 14 thousand this maybe a viable way to look slick on that special night.


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